Help & Advice

Effortless Relocation will assist you with every aspect of your move into long term care. We will sort your clothes out ensuring you have exactly what you require in you new long term care facility and completely handle the moving, selling or clearing of your furniture and other items in your home. Your home will be sold if this is what you require to provide you with the money which you may need to fund your long term care fees.

No not necessarily. It is always best practice to obtain at least three valuations from different Estate Agents. Estate Agents vary in success in different areas and also differ as far as their fees are concerned. Effortless Relocation will always obtain at least three valuations and negotiate a competitive fee. Remember that the Estate Agent has a contract with you not the prospective buyer so is working for you. Never feel you are asking too many questions or being a nuisance. You are paying a fee for a good professional service.

No. If you are funding your own care home facility you can choose the home which most suites your needs and in the area which best suites you. You may wish to move closer to relatives or friends to make visiting easier and you do have an extensive choice these days. Effortless Relocation will ensure you are provided with the full range of choices in the area you choose. We will investigate fully and ensure you get to view each property on your short list. An informed choice is very important when considering such an important decision.

You do, with all the other residents. You will pay an annual fee towards the lifts, communal areas and gardens etc called a “service charge” It is very important to remember this fee when you are working out your finances. You do not want to move and find your finances are stretched because of the service charge.

This will depend on how large your home is but it will normally take more than fifty hours. Effortless relocation will assist and provide lots of helpful tips to make the process a little easier.

Because your friend likes the area will not necessarily mean that you will. We are all different. It is best to visit the area and check out what the local shops and local transport is like. If you have certain hobbies you may find it beneficial to see if there are clubs and associations which may interest you. If you have good friends in the area it’s a good idea to spend a few days with them and get a feel to what the area has to offer you, with your needs in mind. Your friends or family may move away and you do not want to be left alone without having independent things to do for yourself. It is important to meet new friends as well as spend time with your older closer friends.

No you really should not sign letters or contracts unless you understand them or have someone acting for you who will understand and is able to and who has the time to explain it in basic terms for you. Effortless Relocation does this for all our clients. We manage our clients Estate Agents and Solicitors while keeping you informed at each stage.